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 Flame's Test Results

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PostSubject: Flame's Test Results   Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:51 pm

Tester's deck: Cloudians.

Testee's deck: Shiranui Synchro.

Deck Creativity: 25/30
I wanted to give this a perfect score here. But I asked around and alot of people said for a while after their release Shiranui was massively over played.

I myself have played 100+ games in the last 4 days and haven't even heard of them till just now though.

Deck Size 10/10
(40-43 is 10/10 every card over that takes away 1 point.) (Minimum is 0) (No Negatives)
40 cards.

Attitude 10/10

Concentration 10/10
(Does the Testee take awhile to make a move? Do they go AFK mid test?)
(Make sure to account for current DB Lag)

Overall Deck Capability: 8/10
(This is how the tester perceives the testee's deck and feels it can be used in other situations.)

Great for a fast victory. But if its against any deck that prevents special summons or banishes monsters it cant do all too much.

Rulings 25/30
(-5 for every ruling mistake)
Went to use Castel's effect on a face down trap.

Counters 30/30
(This is graded according to the testee's ability to get Around the testers cards.)
He demolished me i didnt stand a chance.
Zombie World vs Sanctuary in the sky. Zombie world wins.

Control Of The Duel 20/20

Duel Outcome 20/20
(10 for 1 win 20 for 2 consecutive, 15 for 2 wins and 1 for tester, 0 for none.)

Total Score 163/170

Welcome to Royal White Jokers!

0-103: The Blue Jacks
104-131: The Golden Queen
132-152: The Crimson Kings
153-170 Royal White Jokers
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Flame's Test Results
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