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 Leviathan48 Test Results

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PostSubject: Leviathan48 Test Results   Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:14 pm

Tester's deck: your deck

Testee's deck: your opponent's deck

Deck Creativity: 20/30
Mostly Pure Morphtronic Archtype. Uncommon so not a low score, but it didnt look like there was any hybrid of any kind to support it.

Deck Size 0/10
(40-43 is 10/10 every card over that takes away 1 point.) (Minimum is 0) (No Negatives)
60 cards

Attitude 10/10

Concentration 6/10
(Does the Testee take awhile to make a move? Do they go AFK mid test?)
(Make sure to account for current DB Lag)
Took a long time to make a few moves.

Overall Deck Capability: 3/10
(This is how the tester perceives the testee's deck and feels it can be used in other situations.)
Wasn't a bad deck on its own. But its overall capability against other deck types is pretty low.

Rulings 25/30
(-5 for every ruling mistake)
Tried to normal summon a monster that cant be
Thought attack continued even utopia summoned mid turn

+5 Tester made a ruling mistake with Rank Up Quick Chaos.

Counters 15/30
(This is graded according to the testee's ability to get Around the testers cards.)
Besides getting Morphtronic Videon to a high attack stat he didn't really have too many counters especially to monster effects.

Control Of The Duel 12/20
We went back and forth for a bit on control but overall the testee got it by getting the stronger monster. But until that point the only control they had was 300 burn damage per turn.

Duel Outcome 20/20
(10 for 1 win 20 for 2 consecutive, 15 for 2 wins and 1 for tester, 0 for none.)

Total Score 141/170
                136+5 due to Tester ruling error.
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0-88: The Blue Jacks
89-117: The Golden Queen
118-141: The Crimson Kings
142-170 Royal White Jokers
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Leviathan48 Test Results
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